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Control Panels

The Control Panels are a set of ready-made private labeled, multi-lingual web based interfaces for managing all Products and Services, consisting of over 500+ screens representing a 5+ year and ongoing development effort.

The Control panels are -

  • A Single-point management window for all our FirebirdCloud Products and Services -
    Domain Names, Web Hosting, Email, etc. Your Customers, your staff and your Resellers can use the Control Panels to manage all their FirebirdCloud Products and Services.
  • Multi-tier - The Control Panels support an infinite level Reseller chain. You, your Resellers, their Resellers and Customers and so on can individually customize and use the Control Panels
  • Multi-lingual - All content of the Control Panels is translation-friendly and available in over 18 languages. You and your Resellers can contribute to the translation effort by adding your own languages
  • Private-labeled - All Control Panels are fully brandable. You and your Resellers can point your own URL to them and modify the look and feel of the interfaces by uploading your own HTML for various components such as the Header, footer and so on
  • Integrated with your website for upsell opportunity - The Control Panels are aware of and integrated with your website to allow Customers to initiate a purchase process from within the Control Panel. Purchase links are strategically placed to ensure that Customers end up purchasing additional services from you when they are managing a particular service within the Control Panels.
  • Secure with granular permissions based access - You and your Resellers can specify different rights and permissions for different groups within your organization such as your sales team, billing team, support team to access different functions of the Control panels

The Control Panels allow you, your Resellers and your Customers to -

You do not have to use the Control Panels to manage our Products and Services. You can build your own control Panels from scratch and replicate the functionality provided by our Control Panels. The Control Panels are simply provided to jumpstart your business.